About Us

About Us

Why should you choose Lesman Chiropractic in Norwalk, CA when you are seeking pain relief? Dr. Lesman is passionate about what he does and is determined to improve your health and quality of life. He works with you to increase your mobility while offering friendly care and answers to your questions. By providing a multifaceted practice, we can offer a range of services (link to Services), including chiropractic adjustments, myofascial treatments, stretching and exercise programs, to help you feel better.

We are also committed to helping you afford your treatments by accepting most insurance, HMO’s, Medicare, PI and of course cash. We also offer no-charge consultations for new patients as well as same-day appointments.

Dr. Erwin Lesman

Dr. Erwin Lesman has dedicated his professional life to assisting patients of all ages in the enjoyment of healthy, pain-free lives.

Says Dr. Lesman: “Providing holistic, hands-on care in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere is my mission. With dedication to your health and well being. I will customize a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Chiropractic care is good for everyone; from children to adults, from ‘Average Joes’ to weekend warriors.”

Dr. Lesman received his degree from Palmer West Chiropractic College in 1991 and has been practicing since 1992. He also believes in giving back to the community, and belongs to the Exchange club.

Our Philosophy

At Lesman Chiropractic, we believe in a holistic approach to treat the cause of your problem, by balancing your structure through chiropractic adjustment and balancing muscles. Furthermore, Dr. Lesman works with you as a team by having you learn the proper stretches and exercises to maintain your body’s balance.

Dr. Lesman’s gentle, hands-on treatment method is safe for all ages. Recognizing the dynamics between lifestyle, environment, and nutrition, Dr. Lesman is your partner in developing a plan that fits your unique personal needs.


At Lesman Chiropractic, we will work with you to ensure you can afford the care you deserve. We can work with most insurance companies to arrange payments. Many insurance plans include Chiropractic care. Call us at 562-506-5258. or call us for information on how your specific plan will apply to chiropractic care.

To save time in the office at your first appointment, please download, print and fill out the following forms and bring them with you to your visit.

Personal or Home Injury Questionnaire
Patient Data Form

Don’t let pain control your life! Contact Lesman Chiropractic today at 562-506-5258. We look forward to providing you with exceptional, compassionate care!